Higher productivity

SEPT Mill Rolls are considerably more resistant than rubber or polyurethan, reducing the number of roll changes on lines.

The non-woven material used by SEPT improves wringing performances, thus reducing consumption and wastage of water, oil and chemical solutions.

SEPT Mill Rolls provide better results with a better environmental impact.

Cleaner coil surface

SEPT Mill Rolls non-woven material is very good at capturing metal dust and shards, avoiding deterioration of the coil surface. The SEPT non-woven material can absorb fluid and debris where rubber or polyurethan deteriorate. SEPT Mill Rolls improve the overall quality of the coil production.

Lower maintenance cost

SEPT Mill Rolls can be easily repaired. When the roll surface is damaged, the roll can be dressed and most damaged part can be replaced. It reduces maintenance costs and while the mill rolls performances reduce the number of stops.

Lower fluid consumption and lower power consumption

Due to better wringing of the strip, SEPT Mill Rolls avoids migration of caustic or acidic solutions along the line. It limits water and fluid wastage. The high friction coefficient avoids the use of motor to synchronise roll speed. The SEPT Mill Rolls run at the speed of line without any additional power or motor.

Productivity and Return-On-Investment

Higher initial purchase price of non-woven rolls is rapidly amortized with the productivity gain and improvement of the line performances. Using SEPT Mill Rolls is a unique opportunity to speed-up Return-On-Investment, to improve quality and to increase customer satisfaction.

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