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//Mill Roll – Chemical
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Mill Roll for pH0 ~pH14 caustic or acidic solution

Agressive environment

Chemical SEPT mill rolls are designed to perform in most aggressive environment such as caustic or acidic solution.

It features same characteristics as Neutral SEPT mill roll but offer unique resistance to corrosive conditions. They can be used in galvanizing, chroming and tinning lines at most critical location, most notably at wringing or cleaning location.

Reduce contamination

Chemical SEPT mill rolls greatly improve your productivity, limiting wastage of chemical solution, eliminating contamination of the line due to insufficient wringing, and reducing lines stop.

In addition, they perform longer and faster than any competitive product.



Chemical SEPT mill rolls are cost-effective, guaranteeing unprecedented Return-On-Investment on production lines.

Technical Specifications

Color : Grey
Solution : 0 to 14pH
Pressure : 12N/mm ~ 15N/mm
Temperature : 75°C /167°F ~ 95°C / 203°F