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Non-woven material

  • Tight contact on the strip

  • Higher wringing performance

  • Reduced coil slipping


SEPT Mill Rolls non-woven material is unique:

It provides optimal uniform porosity, increasing wringing performance due to the tighter contact on the strip.

Self-healing material

  • “Auto” repairing material

  • Resistant to cuts and scars

  • Increased uptime

Metal shards, debris or other pollution are absord by the SEPT Mill Rolls, avoiding scars and marks on the strip.

SEPT Mill Rolls are self healing:

It means that SEPT Mill Rolls can absorb shards, debris and various pollution without being injured and without damaging the strip, even at high speed.

Compressible sleeve

  • Higher friction coefficient

  • Uniform pressure on strip

  • “Absorb” debris and shards

SEPT Mill Rolls are compressible:

Compared to rubber or polyurethane, SEPT Mill Rolls non-woven compression capabilities mean superior performance dissipating compressive forces.


  • Can be dressed multiple times

  • Less downtime for maintenance

  • Repairable by segment instead of the whole sleeve

  • If injured, the SEPT Mill Rolls can be repaired multiple times

Non-woven SEPT mill rolls

can be repaired multiple times prior to changing the whole sleeve itself. After repairing, non-woven SEPT mill rolls offer their best performance at if they were new ones.

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